Beautiful Cat Throw Pillow Covers and Pillow Inserts

I'm Going to Fill My House with These!

Black Cat Throw Pillow Cover

The adorable cat throw pillow covers shown here are all available on Amazon. If you’ve priced throw pillows, you know how expensive they can be. The great thing about buying throw pillow covers and inserts on Amazon is that you get a highly unique pillow WHILE saving a great deal of money.

You simply find the pillow cover you love and find the insert that fits it.

For example, you’d pair the Cartoon Black Cat Throw Pillow (18″ x 18″) (pictured above) with a Square Sham Stuffer Pillow – 18 x 18.

More Cat Throw Pillow Covers:

Amazon even shows you the insert you need for each.


Adorable Cat Print Dress!

Beautiful Gift Idea for the Modern Crazy Cat Lady

Cat Print Dress
Today’s Crazy Cat Lady isn’t your grandmother’s crazy cat lady… I should know. I’m as crazy as they come for cats – in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

The adorable Cat Pattern Shirt Dresses pictured here, like cats, is too cute for words.

Click through the link or picture for more information. You’ll also find tons of other great gift ideas – for you or the crazy cat lady (or crazy cat gentleman) in your life.

Adorable Cheshire Cat Coffee Mug

What Cat Lover Wouldn't Love THIS Mug?!

Cheshire Cat Coffee Mug

The Cheshire Cat Mug isn’t just a great-looking coffee mug. Like the Cheshire Cat, himself, it has something tricky up its sleeve.

When you add hot liquid to the mug, the Cheshire Cat disappears…. just like in the Alice in Wonderland story!

  • Wonderful gift for an avid reader, Alice in Wonderland fan, or anyone who enjoys miraculous coffee mugs.
  • Comes in attractive, illustrated gift box.
  • Ceramic mug hold 12 ounces. Microwave safe but not dishwasher safe.

Click through the picture or the link for a closer look.

Beautiful Black Cat Furniture With an Exquisite Pattern

For the Pampered Cat who Embraces the Title!

Feline Nuvo Salvador Style Cat Furniture

Beautiful! The gorgeous and VERY unique Feline Nuvo Salvador Style Cat Furniture is more stylish than your average cat furniture.  Just look at the floral design on the base, perch, and top. Exquisite.

This is for the pampered cat who knows full well that she or he is living the good life.

There are many styles and colors availabe, each as gorgeous as the last. Click through the picture or the link for more information.

Colorful Cat Tower

So Many Opportunities for Cat Fun!

Cat Tower
I’m wild about this colorful Cat Tower from Shopladder.

This beautiful 5 story solid wood, upholstered cat tower can be stacked and separated any way you desire. Place them side by side, on top of one another… and, by all means, change things up to really keep your cat on her toes.

Each cube is covered in heavy weight ribbed natural cotton, ideal for cats that scratch!

Cats love to hide, play, climb and sleep in this beautiful piece of cat furniture. I also love the fact that it’ll look great in any room. Seriously, they’re making some cat furniture prettier than human furniture!

Click through the link or the picture for more information.

Cat Grooming Arch: Ideal for Grooming AND Hard to Reach Itches!

It Could Also Cut Back on Nasty Hairballs

Cat Grooming Arch
As I mentioned in my last post, Hannah loved her Cat Grooming Arch. When I wasn’t available (brush in hand) to groom her, she was able to brush up beside and underneath her arch to get rid of loose hair or (more importantly) to scratch an itch.

Fact is, I think she used it most of the time simply because it felt good!

The Cat Grooming Arch here is very similar to the one Hannah had – in fact, only the base looks different.  This particular one also comes with a bag of catnip, which we all know would make any cat’s day complete!

I actually need to order one of these arches for Alexa. She has very long hair and when she tries to groom herself, it leads to awful hairballs. I hate to see the agony they cause her and know this particular arch could help eliminate most, if not all, of the problem.

From Amazon:

  • Brushes your kitty’s fur for you
  • Great for cats that shed
  • Your cat will love the massage-like bristles
  • Carpet pad is easy to clean
  • Measures 14.5 inches tall

See Cat Grooming Arch for more information. I have it on good authority that your cat(s) will get a lot of blissful use out of this arch.

Missing Hannah….

A Sweet, Mischievous and Terribly Loved Tuxedo Cat

Sweet Hannah

One sure-fire way to tell something is up (and not a good sort of up) with my beloved cats is to see when I last updated my cat blog.  I’ve had cats all my life and usually more than two at a time.

That’s a lot of cats!

It’s also a lot of laughs, a lot of love, and… sadly, a lot of loss. If I disappear from here for a few weeks, you can rest assured that a furry member of the family is involved.

One of the sweetest cats I’ve ever loved or had the pleasure of calling “family” was Hannah, pictured here. Most cats are sweet – in fact, all of my cats (well… maybe not Carly!) have been uncommonly sweet.  Some (like Prissy, Queen Fatima, and Bo) were so sweet they’d all but leave sugar in their footsteps. Our inside cat, Alexa, is a total sweetheart. She also comes with a side of sass (after all, Carly was her mom, so how could she not?!)

Then there was Hannah.  I can’t put my finger on it – and goodness knows I’ve tried – but she was the very definition of sweet.  It oozed from her. She was also a bit of a clown and would gyrate into the most bizarre positions just to make me laugh. Then she’d lie on her back, purring, watching me laugh.

She was also kind of mischievous and, like all cat parents know, cats can be just like toddlers.  I brushed her daily because she tended to shed quite a bit – plus she enjoyed it even more than I did, so it was a special time for both of us. It also made her hair extra shiny, which I loved… while it lasted.

Here’s where the mischievous streak came into play.  I would brush her and, of course, tell her how beautiful she was, then she’d inevitably find the nearest pile of grass, gravel, or dirt and roll in it but good – seldom breaking eye contact with me. There she is doing her thing in the picture above.

She’d also love to torment people when they came in and out of our back door. She’d always lay on the top step and wouldn’t budge an inch for anyone but me. I’m pretty sure she only moved for me because she knew my coming and going was associated with food, water, and brushing.

Besides, she tormented me enough with the rolling.

I can picture all my family member’s gyrations as they tried to squeeze in and out of the door without disturbing her. I’m pretty sure that each time they twisted, wiggled in and sarcastically said, “Don’t let me disturb you, Hannah.” – she got a little kick out of the production and thought, “I win again.” She became VERY set in her ways in her golden years.  As far as she was concerned, it was HER step and how dare anyone keep intruding on it.

Never-mind the fact I had her a big comfy chair, wooden “penthouse” complete with heated pad, and even a “tent.” She preferred the step – at least during the hours family was coming and going!


She also knew the sound and sight of my car as well as my husband’s. She’d sashay right in front of us as we were driving up the driveway. Then she’d stop. I’d have to get out of the car or come out of the house to pick  her up and put her, sweetly, in her big comfy chair.

She was one of a kind and words can’t describe how much I miss her, her purring, or her antics.

(Continued beneath Hannah’s picture…)



She came into our life years ago – just when she and I needed one another the most. I’d just lost two also much-loved cats (Bo and Svenn) and was feeling about as down as down gets. She had been abandoned by a family that had just moved. Being jerks, they simply turned her out.  At least we live in a rural area, so they didn’t turn her loose on a busy city street or anything.

I was sitting in the front yard and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a beautiful tuxedo cat with huge, beautiful green eyes. She was obviously scared and hungry and wanted to approach me but was – at the same time – afraid to do so.

I bolted inside for some leftover turkey and sat down on the grass near her. With enough “baby talk” and coaxing, she was soon in my lap eating turkey from my hand. I fixed her up a spot on the carport and offered her a forever home and endless love. She took me up on the offer.

The forever didn’t last nearly long enough.

On that first day, I noticed right away that she’d been de-clawed. When she played, her little front paws felt more like powder puffs than paws. She also had a few teeth missing – I din’t ask about those, I just pretended not to notice.  I actually chose the name Hannah for her as I was running in for turkey. Hannah (in the Bible) received an answer to prayer and since this little tuxedo cat seemed like an answer to prayer, I thought the name fit perfectly.

I am so thankful to have had the many years I did with this beautiful little girl – but I’m not at all ashamed of being greedy enough to have wanted many more.

I’m also thankful that, on her last day with us, I was able to hold her and tell her how much I loved her. Funny, isn’t it, when we’re saying our “goodbyes” to a pet, we always tell them how good they were too, don’t we. I must have told her what a “good girl” she was a million times over her last few days.

This loss (just like previous losses) hurts and it hurts really bad. Anyone who has loved and lost a cat knows that the pain doesn’t just go away. You simply learn to hold the tears in until no one else is around.

Or until you’re writing a tribute to your “good cat” on your cat blog.

That’s why I’ve been putting off updating Cat Pause. I knew I’d see reminders of her absolutely everywhere – as well as her name and precious face. I guess, subconsciously, I put off working on my cat blog because I was waiting to return when I could do this without tears. My subconscious isn’t too smart.



I took the picture of Hannah, below, through the back door’s window – so it isn’t very clear. I looked outside that afternoon to see what Hannah was up to and she was sitting like that – looking right at the door. I looked around to try to figure out why she looked so bewildered and saw that a momma skunk and two babies were at Hannah’s food dish.

She DID NOT approve… even though she did think highly of their handsome colors.

(Final thoughts beneath the picture…)

Hannah and Little Stinker


The updates will come regularly now – in fact the next post is about something Hannah LOVED.

Cherish every minute you have with your cat(s). Play with them, pet them, and let them know how much they’re loved.  Ironically, I have one (Alexa) demanding my attention right now… so you know what that means. It’s time to finish writing and begin playing.

Life isn’t the same without this funny little cat, but it wasn’t the same with her either. It was filled with a lot more love and laughter because of her and I’ll be forever thankful to God for bringing her into our lives and grateful to her for consenting to stay.

She’ll be in my heart forever…. rolling and purring.

Hannah Boots!

Outdoor Cat Feeding Station (Love This!)

Perfect for Outdoor Cats and Feral Cats

Outside Cat Feeding Station

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had both inside AND outside cats. One (or, a few times, two) rule the grace the indoors while one or more grace the outdoors. My outside cats have always very much loved being outside cats while the same can be said of the inside cats. Some people seem to be of the mind that if your cats aren’t inside cats, you’re a failure as a cat parent.


It’s been my experience that as long as you give them safe, warm, and dry places to sleep (and hide, need be), they’re as happy as animal ever could be. I guess a lot of it has to do with where you live. We’re very much in a rustic area, so cars and neighborhood dogs are zero problem.

The only problems our outside cats really run into are their “friends” eating their food! Skunks, possums, raccoons, squirrels, and birds love to raid the cats’ dishes! Being an animal lover with every ounce of my being, I have no problem with these other animals eating. In fact, I leave food out for each. Squirrel corn, birdseed, popcorn.. all kinds of delicacies.

I’d just rather they didn’t eat the cat food, as it’s pretty expensive and I’m not convinced our cats are wild about the arrangement.

The adorable Feline Furniture Outdoor Feeding Station, pictured above, is a brilliant solution.  I can’t see a swarm of birds making off with the goods with this station in place.

They’d be forced to stick to their own seeds!

Another great thing about this station is that it can be placed in remote areas if, like me, you feed a family or two of feral cats.  There are always feral cats and kittens around  us. I have been lucky enough to turn a few into much loved pets, but a great number don’t allow me to get anywhere near them. At least with a feeding station, I’d know their food was dry and protected, ready for them when they were ready for it.

Product Features:

  • A cat feeding stations that keeps food dry
  • Two openings allow kitty to flee danger through either door
  • Place the food in middle of the feeding station to keep it high and dry
  • Allows cats to feed from either end
  • Made in the USA

See Feline Furniture Outdoor Feeding Station for more information.  An outdoor cat feeding station – Such a brilliant idea!

Cat Furniture with a Scratching Post

Great Looking AND Affordable? Sign Me Up!

Cat Furniture with Scratching Surface
The Trixie Cat Furniture with Scratching Surface (pictured above) is a heckuva lot of fun just waiting for a lucky cat to enjoy. Any good cat parent knows that keeping a cat entertained and engaged is good for her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Providing your cat with novel, new, and exciting opportunities keeps her on her toes… adorable toes, at that!

I love everything about this piece of cat furniture – its great looks, reasonable price, and the many opportunities for a cat to explore and enjoy. She can even hide out inside and plan her sneak attack.

I also love that it’s compact and close to the ground, meaning that even the clumsiest cat will be perfectly safe from harm.

One of my cats, Alexa, fits this description perfectly. Even she couldn’t cause a disaster with this cat furniture!


  • Wrapped in soft plush inside and out
  • Condo lined in plush fabric
  • Natural sisal scratching surface
  • Dangling plush toys inside

Product Description:

The Topi Cat Condo will provide endless opportunities for your cats to play, scratch, explore or just relax. This stylish piece of cat furniture combines the best of both worlds: a condo hideaway and a scratching surface. Felines can sharpen their claws on the large scratching surface wrapped in durable sisal instead of on your furniture or carpet. If a nap or a place to hide is in order, the cat can crawl inside the kitty condo which is covered in plush fabric both inside and out, making it the perfect retreat. Feeling a little spunky? Taunt the plush toys suspended inside, sure to peak your little hunter’s interest. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. One year warranty. Color: chocolate brown. Dimensions (inches): 18 x 12 x 13; condo opening 6 x 6. Weight: 3 pounds.

This Cat Furniture with Scratching Surface is available on Amazon – click through for a closer look and more information.

Caring for Cats and Dogs in Winter

Our Pets Have Special Needs This Time of Year

Winter Pets
Winter months present special concerns for our beloved cats and dogs.  While obvious needs, such as extra warmth for outdoor pets, are on all pet lovers’ minds, there are other needs that we need to take into consideration as well.

Below is a great guest article addressing these very needs.

Overcoming Pet Winter Woes

by Paul Mann

Like humans, pets can experience winder doldrums. Even those living in warmer weather regions are still affected by seasonal changes, which can be especially tough on dogs and cats–particularly those that are used to spending time outdoors.

Beyond the obvious challenge of pets getting less exercise during the winter months, dogs and cats often experience less emotional stimulation during this period and can suffer a variety of adversities, including excessive weight gain, irritability, anxiety and even clinical depression. This can lead to a variety of unsavory behaviors and dissatisfaction for all involved. The more outdoor-oriented the pet, the higher probability that these and other problems will present and persist through the season.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things pet owners can do to physically engage and psychologically stimulate their pets and make everyone happier during the long, cold winter months:

Indoor/Outdoor Fitness
Most dog breeds need to go outside 2-3 times a day, not only to relieve themselves, but also to get some form of exercise and sensory stimulation. Dogs are more likely to go outside in nearly any kind of weather and often love a romp in the snow. Taking your dog outdoors will trigger its natural play instincts. Running, jumping and chasing are natural ways to energize your pet, burn calories and boost metabolism. If you’re not up to the task amid Mother Nature, consider hiring a professional dog walker to happily take on the duty. Indoors, tried-and-true games like fetch, tug-of-war and wrestling can also serve as a great workout that also stimulates a pet’s appetite.

Cats also love to pounce and play, and if they’re stuck in the house you can easily brighten their day with 10-15 minutes of play each day. String, laser pointers, objects on strings and other enticing toys dragged around get your cat into chase mode, keep her busy and burning energy. Find or install a perch by a window where your cat can watch the birds. For those cats that pine to be outdoors, the marketplace has an abundance of outdoor enclosures that also allows cats to run, roam and prance freely in the invigorating fresh air. Of course, moderate the time spent in these enclosures based on the winter weather conditions.

For both dogs and cats, keep a set of toys and laser pointer handy for an energized and sustained play session, either indoors or out, at least once daily. When outdoor play just isn’t an option, there are a number of motorized animal treadmills on the market today that are entirely enjoyable and effective for exercising both Fido and Felix.

Counting Calories
If your dog or cat doesn’t get outdoors as much in the winter as they normally do, it likely doesn’t need to eat as much food. Reducing food and calorie intake generally means less weight gain and more energy. If you often give your pets treats, consider hiding them inside toys, such as freezing kibble inside a “Kong,” to give them prolonged busy work.

As with humans, weight maintenance is all about portion control. Feed your pet using a designated measuring cup so that you know exactly how much food they’re consuming each day. If you still aren’t getting the desired results, call the pet food company for dietary recommendations to ensure you aren’t over-feeding—especially as seasonal dietary requirements change when a pet becomes less active. Automated pet feeding systems are also helpful. These tech tools utilize a wireless tag attached to a pet’s collar to regulate and monitor one or more pet’s food intake to ensure the pet isn’t eating too much or too little at once or throughout the day—also keeping multiple pets away from each other’s food.

Let There Be Light
Pets react to illumination just like humans do. Their energy level increases when the light is brighter. According to Animal Behavior College, “The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals found that approximately 40 percent of dog owners saw a considerable downturn in their pet’s moods during the winter months” and that related symptoms in pets “typically manifest as behavioral changes such as inappropriate soiling, aggression, lethargy and separation anxiety.” The report notes that “Light is intimately tied to the functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands, and can stimulate the body to release hormones that have an uplifting effect on mood.” If it’s too cold to go out, simply open the drapes and let the natural light in, turn up your indoor lights, and consider replacing bulbs with the full spectrum or daylight variety to better simulate a daytime environment. A company called Pawsitive Lighting, has even developed a light box to help conquer those wintertime blues.

Animal-Rousing Aromas
Scented toys can really engage an animal’s interests and natural stalking instincts, also keeping them occupied and mentally focused as they try to find the source of the smell. Luckily dogs respond to a variety of smells and there are seemingly infinite availability of toys that engage canine olfaction—alone and in combination with other senses that can be concurrently engaged. A game of hide and seek can go a log way with your pooch!

For cats that respond well to catnip, there are catnip and other “play sprays” that can be squirted onto indoor climbing structures, cardboard boxes, and scratching posts. A multi-story cat climber or “tree” with strategically placed low-cal treats or scented play toys can readily get kitty jumping from level to level and its heart pumping in kind.

With just a little planning, you can help ensure your pet’s winter season remains happy and healthy, with a great quality of life for everyone in the household.

Paul Mann is the Founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care—the nation’s largest and most trusted franchisor for professional pet sitting, dog walking, and pet fitness/exercise services—serving thousands of pets and pet parents throughout the United States from coast to coast. He may be reached online at:


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