Giveaway From Moderncat: A Purrfectly Stylish Cat Scratch Tower

Moderncat is giving away a gorgeous, stylish, and outrageously fun Scratch Tower.  What cat wouldn’t want to climb to her heart’s content on such a great tower.  Our cats love scratching posts, so we try to keep several on hand… rather, on paw.

What’s more, they’re elegantly pretty for those of us “parents” who like to keep the home at least a little sophisticated-looking.  Well, as sophisticated as you can with catnip toys, little stuffed animals, toy mice, and balls strewn from front to back!

As a matter of fact… just now…. on the way from my bedroom to the kitchen, I stepped on two catnip toys and accidentally kicked a purple easter egg toy.  Alexa thought that meant it was playtime, so she took off after the egg.  We batted it back and forth until we both decided it was snack time.

That’s another great thing about cats – they’re always ready to play and have a great time AND “now” is always the perfect time to grab a snack.

Be sure to hustle over to Moderncat for your chance to win a Cat Scratch tower. Good luck, and if you win one instead of me, I’ll try not to be too disappointed.  I might even congratulate you! Might.

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