Happy Valentine’s Day from Cat Pause!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your feline valentines!  Don’t you just love the cat picture above?  If you don’t regularly visit I Can Has Cheezburger.com – you totally should.  It’s addictive!

Click the link beneath the great cat picture above and be prepared to laugh!

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  1. Very cute photo

  2. That is so cute really. My bunny and I used to do this during nap time. Instead of putting her in the rabbit hutch I bring her to my room and nap with me. I am gone for two days now for training and I am starting to miss her so. How are you Push my dear?

  3. I love this picture they are absolutely adorable.

  4. That’s too cute for words! Cats are always good at posing for pictures when they don’t even know it.

  5. So true. They’re just so precious!

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